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Confidence Lashes

ASSET Ultimate Lash Adhesive

ASSET Ultimate Lash Adhesive

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-Made in Korea
-AICIS Registered
-Drying time 0.5 - 1 second.
-Humidity range 50% - 60%.
-Retention is up to 6 weeks.

-Do not store in direct sunlight.
-Do not store in fridge.
-Store in a cool, dark place (we recommend an adhesive storage container with silica beads inside).
-Replace opened adhesive every 4 weeks.
-Shake well before every use.
-Replace glue dot every 20 minutes.
-Shelf life unopened - 6 months
-Clean adhesive nozzle and “burp” adhesive with an adhesive wipe after every use to prevent glue build up and the nozzle from blocking.

MSDS Sheet available on request.


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